Does Size REALLY Matter? Here Is What Women Really Think About Your Size

Penis size is a common topic among women and men. Both women and men agree that penis size matters during sex. In fact, women share about their sex life amongst themselves and penis size is one of the recurring topics.

On the other hand, men also tend to discuss the size of their manhood too when talking about women, love, sex and probably marriage. However, as a man, how big should be your penis to satisfy your woman sexually?

What is the Average Size in the United States?

Normally, the average penis size is 5.0-6.6 inches with approximately 75% of men falling in this bracket.

Therefore, most men have equal sizes of manhood with differences in girth and shapes because some are straight while others have the shape of a banana. However, some men have small penises less than 5.0 inches with only a small percentage having penises longer than 6.6 inches.

Penis size can determine the self-esteem of a man especially if his woman is not satisfied. On the contrary, a big penis can be a problem for most women who cannot be able to accommodate it. You are then required to be gentle and attentive to avoid hurting your partner during sex if you have a big penis.

Why Size is Important for Most Women?

According to research, most women prefer a penis which is about 6-7.5 inches in length for sexual satisfaction.

On the same, girth is also of great importance and sometimes girth is even important than length because it’s the girth that is accommodated and thrusts the wall of the vagina to reach orgasm.

The G-spot is located about 2-3 inches in the vagina and every man can be able to reach it but without the right girth, you can fail to satisfy your woman.

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